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Metal Braces Alternative

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Most adults and older teens want a terrific smile but many believe achieving one would be far too invasive, painful, or obvious. Traditional braces are a terrific option, but not a perfect fit for every patient. The highly visible metal brackets and wires and typical 2-year time investment can pose a problem for working adults and students. Fortunately, patients today have many choices in overcoming those obstacles and one of the most popular and effective options is the Six Month Smile Cosmetic Brace System at Greenbriar Dental Care in Atlanta, GA.

Six Month Smiles is one of the most popular brace systems for creating an esthetically pleasing smile, rapidly and discreetly. So, what are the advantages of this advanced orthodontic treatment alternative?

Predictable Results

The Six Month Smile System uses the same techniques as traditional braces and achieves the same predictable results. The system uses low forces to gently reposition the teeth for optimum comfort.


The Six Month Smiles System uses clear brackets and tooth colored wire which are nearly imperceptible. For patients concerned about the esthetics of the traditional metal bracketing system, whether it is motivated by a personal or professional preference, having a virtually invisible orthodontic treatment option is a huge advantage.

Short Average Treatment Time

Devoting years to creating a pleasing smile is just not an option for many adults. Six Month Smiles offers the most time efficient mode of cosmetic orthodontic treatment with the average treatment lasting just six months.

Effective for a Wide Range of Dental Irregularities

The Six Month Smile System treats a wide range of dental issues with the same high standards and optimum results. Dentists use the short-term orthodontic system to treat issues such as gaps, crowding, underbite, overbite, and crossbite.

Fewer Appointments

One of the many reasons adults prefer the Six Month Smiles Systems is that it requires fewer appointments in a narrower time-frame. Most adults have difficulty scheduling around appointments made a month in advance and prefer a season of more concentrated efforts for the freedom it ultimately provides.

The advantages do not stop there, of course. All teeth straightening systems including the Six Month Smiles System can result in healthier gums and lead to better oral health since straighter teeth are easier to keep clean. Contact us at Greenbriar Dental Care in Atlanta now to learn more.

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