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Orthodontics / Braces


Cosmetic Ortho Options

At Greenbriar Dental Care, we’re pleased to offer 2 adult orthodontic options: Invisible Tray Aliquecs and Fast Braces. Adult Cosmetic Braces and ClearCorrect. Both options offer straighter front teeth without two years of metal braces or veneers. To learn more, schedule your FREE orthodontic consultation.

If you want to look your best you should be considering your smile. Besides, quick cosmetic dentistry treatments such as teeth whitening, consider how perfectly aligned teeth can make a great first impression. With Cosmetic Ortho, you can have a new smile in as little as six months. Imagine having a great-looking smile in the time it takes between cleanings.

Is Cosmetic Ortho Right For Me?

Then Cosmetic Ortho is for you! Straight teeth are easier to clean and will improve your overall health.
If you had braces when you were younger but have teeth that have since relapsed or were never attracted by the long treatment times and cost of traditional braces, Cosmetic Ortho can work for you.

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