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Dental Implants in Atlanta

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Many state-of-the-art dental treatments and preventative options available today that have reduced the need for extraction and have prevented tooth loss in a vast number of cases. While our teeth can last a lifetime, unfortunately, sometimes they don’t. Millions of Americans suffer from the embarrassment and problems that come with tooth loss, and must choose the best tooth replacement option for their situation. Until recently those options were limited to bridges and dentures. Today, at Greenbriar Dental Care in Atlanta, we add dental implant technologies to that list of tooth replacement options. While we now have a several dental treatment options for missing teeth, not all of them provide the same long-term benefits as do dental implants.

Dentures for example, are used when most or all of the natural teeth are missing in a dental arch. The denture closely resembles natural teeth, fit into the mouth and fixed in place daily with a dental adhesive product. Dentures provide an advantage in affordability when a significant number of teeth are missing, but lack other advantages such as stability.

Fixed bridges are great solutions for replacing one or more missing teeth. They look natural and are economical. Some of the disadvantages include the need to crown two healthy teeth in order to hold the appliance in place. For removable bridges, the adjacent natural teeth don’t need to be capped, but the appliance does use metal clasps which are impossible to conceal.

While dental implants are a more costly option, both short and long term benefits far outweigh the cost. A dental implant most closely restores the beauty and and function of a natural tooth, and provide benefits beyond aesthetics, making it a very economical choice.

The structure of dental implants acts like that of the natural tooth, with the tooth structure placed on top of the metal anchor implant which replaces the root of your tooth. This makes the implant permanent, like a natural tooth, and as stable as your natural tooth.

This structure is beneficial in many ways. Often when dealing with dentures or bridges, eating certain foods becomes difficult which can lead to nutritional deficiencies. They can also slip, an d cause some embarrassment. Implants however, are fixed in place, undetectable, and function as a natural tooth. An implant also preserves the facial structure, unlike dentures or bridges. If a tooth is missing, the bone recedes and the remaining teeth shift. An implant stimulates the bone so that the health of the jaw bone and the facial structure isn’t compromised.

Since implants preserve the bone and are permanent, the only thing that can rival their long-term usefulness and beauty is a natural tooth. The natural appearance and feel of an implant from Greenbriar Dental Care lets you confidently enjoy life without worries of embarrassment, discomfort, or hassle. Ask about dental implants at Greenbriar Dental Care in Atlanta, GA.

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